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How to Plan a Funeral or Cremation on a Budget

Have you lost a loved one recently? It can be hard dealing with the loss of someone you had been close to in this life, but death is one of those things that everyone must deal with at some point. What can make this more difficult, however, is if the deceased did not prepay for the final disposition at a Melrose, NY funeral home before breathing their last breath.  

In such circumstances, the rest of the family may have to pool their resources together in order to afford the funeral or cremation service. Whether the death came out of the blue or came after a long illness, it can be difficult to shoulder the financial cost. Here are some recommendations to keep costs down without cheapening the experience for the deceased, you, and your family.  

Be Upfront About Your Budget 

When you go to the funeral home to plan the final disposition for your deceased relative, the first thing you’ll want to do is to let them know if you have a specific budget number in mind. A service provider will work with you to plan the funeral or cremation you want at a price point that fits within your desired budget. You can simply make things easier for yourself if you’re upfront about what you want and about how much you’re willing to pay. A funeral home will work with you to accomplish your objectives at a price you can live with.  

Be Selective About Services 

While a cremation tends to be cheaper than a funeral, the amount and types of services you get for either of these two final disposition options will greatly impact the final cost. When you sit down with the funeral director, you’ll be provided with a price list that you can comb over to see what services cost. If you choose services wisely, you’ll be able to plan a great final disposition option that allows you to celebrate your relative in a cost-effective way.  

Be Sure to Consider Cremation 

You’ll almost certainly pay less for cremation than you will for a traditional funeral service. The great thing is that cremation won’t cheapen the experience. In fact, many families hold a memorial service, otherwise known as a celebration of life service, for their deceased loved one in the days, weeks, or even months after a cremation.   

Be Sure to Share the Responsibility 

Paying for a funeral or cremation will obviously be cheaper if multiple family members combine to shoulder the financial responsibility. It will make the financial burden a lot lighter, which will reduce the stress of having to pay for a funeral or cremation at a time when you are all grieving.  

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