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How to Choose the Right Cremation Urn

If you’re planning the cremation of a deceased family member, you’ll likely need to buy a cremation urn in which to place the ashes after the Clifton Park, NY cremation is done. It’s true that you can use an alternative container, but most people like to get an urn. But how exactly do you go about buying an urn, anyhow? You might be surprised at the options in the cremation urn space, so it’s not as easy as simply seeing one, liking one, and buying one. There’s a process to finding the right urn for the cremains of your deceased loved one. Read on for some information on what to consider before you purchase a cremation urn.  

What’s the Ultimate Plan for the Cremation Ashes 

Before you buy an urn, one of the things you need to consider is what you actually plan to do with the ashes over the long term. Do you want to scatter the ashes at some point? If so, a funeral home can help you select an urn appropriate for this purpose. You probably won’t want to spend as much on an urn if you want to scatter the ashes since the urn will, in such a case, be used only for a limited duration. Do you plan to bury the urn? Again, there are urns that are more suitable options if the plan is to burn the urn. You might want to allocate a higher budget if you need an urn fit for burial, and you also might want to consider getting an urn vault. An urn vault is a protective case in which you can place a cremation urn. It will prevent the urn from being crushed under the weight of the dirt covering it. If you wish to keep the urn in your home, you’ll want an urn that looks great wherever you place it. You can, of course, get feedback from a funeral home so that you get something that’s appropriate for its intended purpose.  

Get the Right Size 

When it comes to choosing the right urn, size definitely matters. You need to consider the size of the person in question. You can bet that someone who weighs in the neighborhood of 200 pounds will likely need an adult-sized cremation urn. If you plan to share the cremains among various family members, you might need multiple urns. It’s best to discuss the matter with a funeral home so that you get the expert consultation you may need during this process.  

Choose the Right Material  

What sort of material are you looking for? There are urns made of all sorts of materials like steel, marble, and glass. There may be advantages of getting certain materials types over others. For instance, a metal urn would make a better outdoor urn than would, say, a wood urn. If you have any questions, ask the funeral home where you plan to buy the cremation urn.  

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