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How to Choose the Right Cremation Urn

If you’re planning the cremation of a deceased family member, you’ll likely need to buy a cremation urn in which to place the ashes after the Clifton Park, NY cremation is done. It’s true that you can use an alternative container, but most people like to get an urn. But how exactly do you go about buying an urn, anyhow? You might be surprised at the options in the cremation urn space, so it’s not as easy as simply seeing one, liking one, and buying one. There’s a process to finding the right urn for the cremains of your deceased loved one. Read on for some information on what to consider before you purchase a cremation urn.  

What’s the Ultimate Plan for the Cremation Ashes 

Before you buy an urn, one of the things you need to consider is what you actually plan to do with the ashes over the long term. Do you want to scatter the ashes at some point? If so, a funeral home can help you select an urn appropriate for this purpose. You probably won’t want to spend as much on an urn if you want to scatter the ashes since the urn will, in such a case, be used only for a limited duration. Do you plan to bury the urn? Again, there are urns that are more suitable options if the plan is to burn the urn. You might want to allocate a higher budget if you need an urn fit for burial, and you also might want to consider getting an urn vault. An urn vault is a protective case in which you can place a cremation urn. It will prevent the urn from being crushed under the weight of the dirt covering it. If you wish to keep the urn in your home, you’ll want an urn that looks great wherever you place it. You can, of course, get feedback from a funeral home so that you get something that’s appropriate for its intended purpose.  

Get the Right Size 

When it comes to choosing the right urn, size definitely matters. You need to consider the size of the person in question. You can bet that someone who weighs in the neighborhood of 200 pounds will likely need an adult-sized cremation urn. If you plan to share the cremains among various family members, you might need multiple urns. It’s best to discuss the matter with a funeral home so that you get the expert consultation you may need during this process.  

Choose the Right Material  

What sort of material are you looking for? There are urns made of all sorts of materials like steel, marble, and glass. There may be advantages of getting certain materials types over others. For instance, a metal urn would make a better outdoor urn than would, say, a wood urn. If you have any questions, ask the funeral home where you plan to buy the cremation urn.  

Are you looking for a funeral home to handle final services for a deceased loved one? Contact McLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home, a premier Clifton Park, NY cremation and funeral service provider, for the assistance you require. You can reach us at (518) 235-1722 or visit us at 8 109th St Troy, NY 12182 for prompt and attentive service. 

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3 Reasons to Plan Your Own Cremation Memorial

After a memorial service, many grieving families hold a cremation memorial to honor the memory of a departed loved one. It can be held right after the memorial or days, weeks, or even months later. While you might be tempted to let your family take care of planning such an event after you pass away, it makes sense to plan it yourself beforehand. Here are 3 reasons why you should plan a cremation memorial to take place after your cremation in Troy, NY.  

  1. Helps Your Loved Ones

One of the reasons you should plan your own cremation memorial is that it will spare your loved ones the responsibility of taking on such a task at a time when they should be allowed to mourn. Yes, they will more likely than not do the planning willingly if necessary, but that doesn’t mean that they should be asked to. Allow your family to mourn, grieve, and comfort one another after your passing. You can plan an event that allows them not only to comfort one another, but also to celebrate your life and what you meant to them and to the other people within your sphere of influence. Remember that a cremation memorial can be held just about anywhere whether at a church, a funeral home chapel, a private home, or some other establishment. So take the time to plan the event – and to allocate funding for it, if possible – to help out your loved ones.  

  1. Provides Opportunity to Discuss the Matter with Family

Let’s face it. No one really wants to sit around and talk to their loved ones about death and dying. But that doesn’t mean that such issues should simply be avoided. If you plan to be cremated after you pass away, you can ensure that your immediate family knows about it. Have a meeting with your family to discuss the matter. You can let them know about your wishes for a cremation memorial, and be sure to let them know where they can find your written instructions. You feel better when you know that you’ve done everything in your power to help your family.  

  1. Save Money

Have you ever heard about a concept called emotional over-spending? It’s a real problem. Basically, it refers to people who, due to a stressful event like a death in the family or some other traumatic situation, spend more than they would have in a less stressful situation. You can prevent this from happening to your loved ones not only by putting plans in place for your cremation memorial, but also by allocating funds to cover the event. When you make arrangements and inform your loved ones, they’ll only need to put your plans into action.  

As you can see, it makes sense to plan a cremation memorial rather than to leave that task to your family after your Troy, NY cremation. Contact us at McLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home when you’re ready to discuss final services involving either cremation or funeral services. You can reach us by phone at (518) 235-1722 or talk to us in person at 8 109th St Troy, NY 12182. We are committed to servicing the community and are proud to be in our 150th year of funeral services. Get in touch and let us know how we can be of service. 

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How to Write a Memorable Eulogy

A eulogy is a sort of speech that is delivered to honor and pay respects to someone who has passed away. If you’re the one that has been asked to write a eulogy for a deceased family member at a memorial service after a Clifton Park, NY cremation, how should you go about it? It’s an honor to be asked to deliver a eulogy, but doing it justice means knowing exactly how to tackle this responsibility. Here are some tips to help you go about it.  

Assemble Your Thoughts and Ideas 

As was said earlier, a eulogy is a tribute to a departed loved one, and much of that tribute will be made up of memories or anecdotes about the person in question. If you were especially close to the deceased, then you likely have lots of good memories that you can share. Were they the type to give someone the shirt of their back? Were they especially generous with their means and their time? Did they do a remarkable job raising their kids? Did they overcome considerable challenges to become a success? Think about what made them special and then choose the most compelling memories and stories to incorporate into the eulogy. You can also ask other family members as well as friends and co-workers of the deceased for their memories.  

Set the Right Tone 

While a funeral or memorial will have somewhat of a sobering feel to it, that doesn’t mean that the tone can’t be upbeat. You can do this by focusing on good memories rather than on sad ones, and you can incorporate some funny memories as well to keep the mood light.  

Outline and Write 

You’ll want to draw up an outline to help you with the writing process. This will help you to stay on track and to avoid veering off course. After you have an outline, set about writing the eulogy. You can get family to look it over and to provide feedback. Then you can incorporate any feedback received to improve your eulogy.  

Practice Makes Perfect 

After you’ve written the eulogy, practice it out loud whether in front of the mirror or in front of family and friends. What you want is to ensure that it flows nicely and that it makes sense. You’ll also be able to ask for recommendations in terms of improvements. The practice stage will ensure that you’re ready to deliver a great eulogy that honors the memory of your loved one.  

If you follow the steps above, you’ll be well on your way towards writing and delivering a great eulogy either at a funeral service or at a memorial following a cremation in Clifton Park, NY. At McLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home, we have you covered if you need a final disposition for a deceased loved one. Our professional and compassionate staff are skilled at helping grieving families. Let us assist you and your family in your time of need. You can call us at (518) 235-1722 or visit us at 8 109th St Troy, NY 12182. We’ll be glad to help. 


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Do You Have a Digital Legacy Plan in Place?

Chances are you have at least one email account and use at least one social media platform. But have you stopped to consider what will happen to your online presence — your digital legacy — after you die? It’s one of those areas that tends to get overlooked, even by people who otherwise might be proactive in preplanning their Watervliet, NY cremation or funeral service.   

Here’s what you need to keep in mind to ensure that your digital legacy is dealt with properly after your passing.  

Get Organized 

Your first order of business is to write down and store — in a safe place, of course — all of the passwords for your email, social media, and other online accounts. If you’re like many people, you probably have accounts and passwords saved in a password-protected app on your smartphone or tablet. In such cases, it won’t be all too difficult to remember all your accounts.  

Familiarize Yourself with the Processes 

Your next order of business is to familiarize yourself with how various email, social media, and other online accounts handle the closing of accounts for the deceased. While Facebook has been under fire lately for quite some time over privacy issues, it does have a couple of options that can be used to deal with your account after you pass away. Firstly, your profile can be put in memorialization mode so that your loved ones can post stuff about you after your death. Secondly, your profile can be permanently deleted.   

You’ll need to select a legacy contact person who will have access to your account at the appointed time. The person you select must be a Facebook friend at the time of your passing. While they’ll have some access to your account, however, they won’t be able to read any private messages on your page or access your complete profile. There are other particulars to be mindful of so check up on them in advance.  

Let Your Legacy Contact Know 

The worst thing you could do is to choose someone to close your online accounts and then fail to let them know. Such a responsibility will take them by surprise, and they may initially feel overwhelmed. What you want to do is inform them and then ensure that they are provided with information on your online presence at the right time so that they can close accounts as needed.  

It is possible to manage your digital legacy, and doing so is vitally important. While you’re thinking about such matters, don’t forget to preplan for your eventual funeral or cremation in Watervliet, NY. At McLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home, we happen to be the oldest family-owned funeral home in Troy with a combined 150 years of funeral service to the community. Allow us to help you plan the perfect final disposition so that your family won’t have to do it for you after you’ve passed away. You can visit us at 8 109th St Troy, NY 12182 or call us at (518) 235-1722 for a free consultation. 

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Prepare a Will

If you ‘re an adult in America and don’t yet have a will in place, you’re certainly not alone. But that doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily in good company since it’s important to know your affairs are in order ahead of your eventual funeral or cremation in Troy, NY.  

According to the AARP, an organization that focuses on the needs of American adults who are 50+, only six in 10 U.S. adults — or 60% — haven’t gotten around to preparing a will yet. That means, of course, that only four out of every 10 U.S. adults – or 40% — have a will.   

If you haven’t yet prepared a will, here are some key reasons why a will is important – and why you should get one drawn up as soon as possible.  

  1. Allocate Your Estate

When you have a legally enforceable will — something you can get with a lawyer’s help — you will be able to allocate your estate to whomever you please. The worst thing you could do is to pass away without having prepared a will. In such a case, there’s a good chance that your estate will be divvied up in a way that you would not approve. Most people don’t want to work for decades, accumulate assets, and then exercise no control over whom will inherit their possessions. But that’s what you’ll risk doing if you die without having prepared a will.  

  1. Appoint Guardians for Your Children

Do you have offspring who are not old enough to be considered adults? In this case, you absolutely should have a will, especially if you don’t have a spouse who has legal rights to taking care of the children. With a will, you’ll be able to appoint guardians to raise your children if you pass away before they reach adulthood. Failing to make such plans will mean that the courts may have to get involved, and this could get messy if multiple parties seek to have legal guardianship over your children. It’s best to appoint a guardian who you believe will be the best option if you pass away and can no longer fulfill your parental duties.  

  1. You Can Rest Easily

You won’t hasten the day of your death by one second by putting together your will — but you just might sleep better knowing that your affairs are in order. When you think about the uncertainty, frustration, and turmoil that might result if you die without a will in place, you’ll want to get one written up before it’s too late. You’ll then be able to rest at night knowing that the people you love and care about will be taken care of after you pass away.  

As you can see, there are some real benefits to getting a will drawn up. Consult a lawyer specializing in wills and estates for professional advice and assistance in this matter. After your Troy, NY cremation, it will be too late for you to prepare a will. So it’s best to get one done straight away if you haven’t already done so. For advice on preparing a will, get in touch with us at McLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home. We’ll lead you in the right direction. Located at 8 109th St Troy, NY 12182, we’re the oldest family-owned funeral home in Troy with a combined 150 years of funeral service to the community. Call us at (518) 235-1722 for a free consultation with one of our staff members. 

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Etiquette Tips for Memorial Service After Cremation

After a cremation in Clifton Park, NY for a friend or co-worker, you may be invited to attend a memorial service. The great thing about a memorial service is that it tends to be more relaxed and informal than a typical funeral and cremation service. It will take place after the body disposition, which will give you more time to process your thoughts and come to term with things. But if you do attend, it pays to understand some basic rules of conduct at such events.  

So that you know what to expect in terms of etiquette, here are some tips to keep in mind.  

Would Your Presence Detract? 

This is probably the top consideration. Before you even think about what you should wear to a memorial service, you should consider whether or not you should even be there. Were you at odds with the deceased before they died? Are you on bad terms with immediate members of their family? If you believe that your presence would be unwanted, then you should weigh whether you should go anyway or if you should pass and maybe send condolences instead.  

Watch What You Wear 

You won’t have to be as concerned about dressing up the way you would if you were attending a funeral service at a funeral home, but that doesn’t mean that what you wear isn’t important. And, no, you don’t have to wear all black. Think of it this way. If you believe that your outfit at the memorial would be suitable if you were going to a job interview, then it’s likely fine for the memorial service. The focus at the memorial service should be on the deceased and their family. This means that you don’t want to detract from the true focus of the memorial service.  

Get There On Time 

Are you one of those people who arrives late for just about everything? Are you usually on time but dislike when others are never on time for scheduled meetings or events? However you slice it or dice it, you should strive to get to the memorial service on time. Plan to arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes beforehand. Getting there early or on time will save you the embarrassment of making a disturbance if the memorial service is already in progress.  


Do you have children who you’d like to bring with you? In terms of whether you should bring them or not, it should be left up to your discretion. Did they know the deceased? Do they want to attend? Are they old enough to sit still and to be relatively quiet through what might be a long event? Depending on the answers to these questions, you may or may not wish to bring your children to the event. If your children are particularly young and you want to bring them, you might opt to sit near the back so that it’s easy to make a quick exit if they need a break.  

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you plan to attend a memorial service following a Clifton Park, NY cremation. For the best in funeral and cremation services, look no further than McLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home. We strive to help grieving families plan body dispositions at a time when they’re still reeling from news of a death close to home. We can be reached at (518) 235-1722 for a free consultation with one of our professional and compassionate staff members. We can also be reached at our office at 8 109th St Troy, NY 12182. 

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How to Break the News When a Loved One Has Died

You’re at home late one night watching the evening news when the phone rings. You try to ignore it, but it’s hard to hear the newscast with the phone ringing, so you answer it. And then your world changes forever. It changes because you receive news that a relative has just passed away…and then you realize that it’s your duty to call family and friends to let them know. Ahead of a Troy, NY cremation or funeral service, you’ll need to share the bad news.  

Consider these recommendations if you ever find yourself with the unenviable task of being the bearer of bad news.  

Don’t Beat Around the Bush 

Have you ever had such a responsibility before? If so, you understand that delivering heart-breaking news can be tasking and is not a duty that anyone would envy. But if you have to share bad news, it’s best to be as direct as possible. You don’t want to ramble on and on about unrelated things before finally concluding with the bad news. While you don’t want to be insensitive, you also don’t want to beat around the bush before finally delivering a blow.  

Look Them in the Eye 

If you’re in close proximity of family members, it’s best to inform them of the death in person. That’s always the best way. It’s also easier to read a situation better if you’re looking the other person in the eyes. Of course, there are times when your family might be situated far away. In such cases, your best bet might be to pick up the phone and communicate the news that way. Before doing so, however, make sure they’re at home. You don’t want to inadvertently call when their driving and deliver the news at such a time. If you call and they’re out and about, let them know that it’s critical that they call you back once they get home.  

Let Each One Reach One 

Having to tell everyone might be too much to ask of any one person. So after you’ve spoken to someone, ask that person to, in turn, tell someone else. Perhaps you can make a list of family and friends who need to be informed straight away. Then make sure that the people you talk to know who they’re supposed to inform. This should ensure that the news is spread quickly.  

Tell Them Right Away 

One thing you definitely shouldn’t do is delay spreading the news to the people who need to know. You’ll actually feel better if you don’t needlessly delay the inevitable. Once you start to share the news, you will relieve yourself of the burden of the stressful responsibility.  

After a loved one dies, you’ll be left to pick up the pieces even as you mourn the loss. In addition to letting family and friends know about the situation, you’ll also need to plan a funeral service or cremation in Troy, NYMcLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home, located at 8 109th St Troy, NY 12182, can help you plan the body disposition for your deceased loved one. Call us at (518) 235-1722 for a free consultation so that we can help you with the big and small decisions. 

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Why Music Matters at Memorial After Cremation in Watervliet, NY

A memorial service is the perfect way to followup a Watervliet, NY cremation. It will provide you and yours with closure, with a time to grieve your dead and with the opportunity to celebrate the life of one who had been near and dear to you in this life. And if you’re going to have a celebration, you certainly need some music to set the right tone. If you’re preparing for a memorial and aren’t sold on the necessity to play some tunes, check out these reasons.  

Set the Right Tone 

A memorial service is a great opportunity to celebrate the life of the deceased. Yes, there will be sadness, and there will be tears, but there can also be happy moments and even some laughter. If you want to set the right tone so that people are in a mood to celebrate, then you can accomplish this with the right music. Consider the sort of music that your deceased loved one had listened to, and then select some songs that will set the mood. You might be able to get some ideas by looking at the playlist on your deceased relative’s smartphone or perhaps you can check out their Youtube account to see what sort of music videos they had listened to.  

Make Attendees Feel Good 

Listening to enjoyable music will actually make you happy. Yes, science shows that the human body releases the dopamine neurochemical associated with pleasure when one listens to enjoyable music. What you’ll want to do therefore is figure out what type of music is likely to be satisfying to those in attendance. Don’t worry about trying to please everyone – that won’t happen. But you should be able to touch numerous bases if you play different sorts of tunes.  

Bring People Together 

It’s said that music and sports are two things that can bring people together in ways that nothing else can. And this is definitely true. You can use this to your advantage. At the memorial, you’ll be mourning and celebrating corporately in the sense that you’ll be together as a group. You can use music to ensure that everyone’s on the same page. A great way to accomplish this is to have a slideshow containing pictures, video clips and some music.  

After a cremation in Watervliet, NY, you may very well decide that a memorial service is in order. At McLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home, we offer cremation services to meet the needs of our clients. Call us at (518) 235-1722 or visit us at 8 109th St Troy, NY 12182 when you need to discuss final services with a funeral home that has experience helping grieving families. We are the oldest family-owned funeral home in Troy with a combined 150 years of funeral service. Allow us to help you plan the perfect final send-off for your deceased loved one. We’ll work with you to plan the final disposition that comforts the living and honors the deceased. We’re here when you need us.

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4 Things to Avoid Saying to a Grieving Person Following a Cremation Service

After a cremation in Waterford, NY, you may struggle with knowing exactly what to say to one of the grieving family members. There are certainly a lot of things you can say to bring comfort and to show empathy, but there are things that simply ought not be said. Remember that words can cause hurt even if there was never any ill will intended. So that your words don’t cause undue pain, here is an example of things that you should not say to someone coping with a loss.  

  1. It’s What God Wanted

While this is the sort of comment that one might say with the intention of comforting someone, these words are actually quite insensitive. Remember that the immediate aftermath of a death close to home will be a time of grief and uncertainty for the family of the deceased. What they need is compassion and empathy, and saying something that might come across as dismissive of their sorrow won’t help. Time does heal all wounds, as the saying goes. And in time, the grieving person you want to comfort may very well become philosophical about the loss. What you don’t want to do, however, is try to hurry the grieving process along.  

  1. Heaven Needed Another Angel 

The problem behind this statement is that it is dismissive of how the grieving person feels. While it might seem like a good idea to tell the person that the deceased was called to some higher purpose, the reality is that it ignores the fact that the deceased was needed here and now with relatives who loved them. You also need to be mindful of the fact that not everyone has religious leanings. So you should be wary about assuming that the mourner has faith in a deity. It’s possible that any mention of religion during the mourning process will be taken as an insult.   

  1. I Know What You’re Going Through

This has to be one of the most insensitive things you could say to someone who is coping with a loss in their family. If you’ve recently had a death in your family, you will definitely be able to empathize with someone who is grieving the death of a loved one. But this in no way will give you the ability to know precisely what someone else is going through. It’s best to let the person know that you empathize, that they’re in your thoughts and that you’re there for them. They will find it easier to talk to you when they realize that you’ve gone through something similar.  

  1. She’s in a Better Place

The intention behind such words may be noble, but they can also be seen as rude. The grieving family will be mourning a loss, and part of the reason for the grief will be that the deceased is not with them. So telling the mourning person that their loved one is in a better place is dismissive of the pain felt by the family left behind.  

When trying to bring comfort to someone grieving a loss, don’t inadvertently hurt them with your words. There are some popular words of condolences that are not really all that comforting. Be wary of them so that your words can encourage and uplift the discouraged and downcast. If you need some tips on what to say or you wish to plan a Waterford, NY cremation, get in touch with us at McLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home. You can reach us at (518) 235-1722 or visit us at 8 109th St Troy, NY 12182.

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3 Reasons Why it Makes Sense to Preplan Your Cremation

You wouldn’t be in any way unique if you would rather do just about anything rather than sit down and preplan your eventual Cohoes, NY cremation. It makes sense to preplan, but no one fancies thinking about death and dying – especially if it concerns them personally. Even so, consider these 3 reasons why it makes sense to preplan your cremation service.  

  1. Take the Load Off of Family

What happens if you die without having preplanned your body disposition? The answer is that the responsibility will fall on your grieving family. While this scenario plays out regularly as far as families dealing with death in their midst, the reality is that it doesn’t have to play out like this. Families who are coming to terms with the demise of a loved one will be dealing with raw grief and a whole lot of other emotions. It will be hard for them to accept what has happened, so it would be best to spare them the responsibility of planning and paying for your cremation. When you take it upon yourself to preplan and prepay, you will ensure that your family can focus on grieving their loss. It will mean that they won’t have to shoulder this responsibility when they’re at their lowest point. So what you’ll want to do is ensure that you take care of the arrangements.  

  1. Do it the Way You Want

One of the advantages of preplanning your own cremation is that you will get to do it the way that you want to. Yes, you’ll want the event to be meaningful for the loved ones you leave behind, but you’ll also want to ensure that you get the right final send-off. Is there someone in particular who you’d like to do the eulogy at the memorial? Do you want to be cremated in a specific suit? Do you have a favorite meal that you’d love to have served at the reception? When you take responsibility for preplanning, you can ensure that things go as you want them to.  

  1. Contain Expenses

It can be hard to plan a funeral or cremation when you’re overcome with emotion. This can lead to emotional spending. You can ensure that this doesn’t happen to your family if you preplan and prepay for your final services. By choosing cremation over traditional earth burial, you’ll already be on your way towards substantial savings. But you can also control costs by making level-headed decisions on other things like the urn and what you want to become of your ashes.  

You can count on McLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home when you want to find the right Cohoes, NY cremation provider. Located at 8 109th St Troy, NY 12182, we’re the oldest family-owned funeral home in Troy with a combined 150 years of funeral service to the community. Call us at (518) 235-1722 to find out for yourself why we’re well known for our professional and compassionate service to grieving families. We’re here to help you during your time of need.