Cohoes, NY cremation

3 Reasons Why it Makes Sense to Preplan Your Cremation

You wouldn’t be in any way unique if you would rather do just about anything rather than sit down and preplan your eventual Cohoes, NY cremation. It makes sense to preplan, but no one fancies thinking about death and dying – especially if it concerns them personally. Even so, consider these 3 reasons why it makes sense to preplan your cremation service.  

  1. Take the Load Off of Family

What happens if you die without having preplanned your body disposition? The answer is that the responsibility will fall on your grieving family. While this scenario plays out regularly as far as families dealing with death in their midst, the reality is that it doesn’t have to play out like this. Families who are coming to terms with the demise of a loved one will be dealing with raw grief and a whole lot of other emotions. It will be hard for them to accept what has happened, so it would be best to spare them the responsibility of planning and paying for your cremation. When you take it upon yourself to preplan and prepay, you will ensure that your family can focus on grieving their loss. It will mean that they won’t have to shoulder this responsibility when they’re at their lowest point. So what you’ll want to do is ensure that you take care of the arrangements.  

  1. Do it the Way You Want

One of the advantages of preplanning your own cremation is that you will get to do it the way that you want to. Yes, you’ll want the event to be meaningful for the loved ones you leave behind, but you’ll also want to ensure that you get the right final send-off. Is there someone in particular who you’d like to do the eulogy at the memorial? Do you want to be cremated in a specific suit? Do you have a favorite meal that you’d love to have served at the reception? When you take responsibility for preplanning, you can ensure that things go as you want them to.  

  1. Contain Expenses

It can be hard to plan a funeral or cremation when you’re overcome with emotion. This can lead to emotional spending. You can ensure that this doesn’t happen to your family if you preplan and prepay for your final services. By choosing cremation over traditional earth burial, you’ll already be on your way towards substantial savings. But you can also control costs by making level-headed decisions on other things like the urn and what you want to become of your ashes.  

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