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3 Interesting Options for Cremains

When there’s a death in the family, you’ll need to plan final services for someone you love. Traditional earth burial used to be the primary body disposition option, but times have changed to the point where cremation is every bit as popular…and in some cases even more so. If you contact a Clifton Park, NY funeral home to organize a cremation for your deceased relative, what do you do with the ashes after all is said and done? Here are 3 recommendations.  

  1. Paint a Picture

In what might seem like an off-the-wall recommendation, it is possible to mix cremains with paint before using the combination to create a portrait. If you can find an artistically inclined person to take on the project, all the better. Whether you opt to get a portrait of the deceased, a picture of some awesome scenery or anything else, you can honor the memory of the deceased. Along the same lines as creating a portrait, it’s also possible to combine cremation ashes with ink for the purpose of getting a commemorative tattoo. Of course, you’ll want to find a professional tattoo artist to do this. If you’re open to getting a tattoo and want to do something a little bit different, then you can go this route to keep your deceased loved one’s memory alive.  

  1. Plant a Tree

It’s an unfortunate reality that the circle of life includes death. But there’s a way that you can ensure that your relative can in a sense contribute to the circle of life even while deceased. You can do this by turning the cremains into a tree. For instance, there are tree urns in which tree seedlings are planted. Once these are transplanted to the earth, you will be able to watch as the seedling grows to become a mighty tree that can last generations. Such a lasting memorial will ensure that the memory of a loved one is never forgotten.  

  1. Stuffed Animal

If you like stuffed animals, then you can opt for a teddy bear or some other stuffed animal that has small internal compartments where you can place some of the cremains. This might be the perfect keepsake for a child who, while perhaps too young to understand death and cremation, will nonetheless be comforted with a stuffed toy connected to a deceased loved one. But children aren’t the only ones who can benefit from such a memento since there could be therapeutic and sentimental value to hugging a stuffed animal.  

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