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Etiquette Tips for Memorial Service After Cremation

After a cremation in Clifton Park, NY for a friend or co-worker, you may be invited to attend a memorial service. The great thing about a memorial service is that it tends to be more relaxed and informal than a typical funeral and cremation service. It will take place after the body disposition, which will give you more time to process your thoughts and come to term with things. But if you do attend, it pays to understand some basic rules of conduct at such events.  

So that you know what to expect in terms of etiquette, here are some tips to keep in mind.  

Would Your Presence Detract? 

This is probably the top consideration. Before you even think about what you should wear to a memorial service, you should consider whether or not you should even be there. Were you at odds with the deceased before they died? Are you on bad terms with immediate members of their family? If you believe that your presence would be unwanted, then you should weigh whether you should go anyway or if you should pass and maybe send condolences instead.  

Watch What You Wear 

You won’t have to be as concerned about dressing up the way you would if you were attending a funeral service at a funeral home, but that doesn’t mean that what you wear isn’t important. And, no, you don’t have to wear all black. Think of it this way. If you believe that your outfit at the memorial would be suitable if you were going to a job interview, then it’s likely fine for the memorial service. The focus at the memorial service should be on the deceased and their family. This means that you don’t want to detract from the true focus of the memorial service.  

Get There On Time 

Are you one of those people who arrives late for just about everything? Are you usually on time but dislike when others are never on time for scheduled meetings or events? However you slice it or dice it, you should strive to get to the memorial service on time. Plan to arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes beforehand. Getting there early or on time will save you the embarrassment of making a disturbance if the memorial service is already in progress.  


Do you have children who you’d like to bring with you? In terms of whether you should bring them or not, it should be left up to your discretion. Did they know the deceased? Do they want to attend? Are they old enough to sit still and to be relatively quiet through what might be a long event? Depending on the answers to these questions, you may or may not wish to bring your children to the event. If your children are particularly young and you want to bring them, you might opt to sit near the back so that it’s easy to make a quick exit if they need a break.  

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you plan to attend a memorial service following a Clifton Park, NY cremation. For the best in funeral and cremation services, look no further than McLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home. We strive to help grieving families plan body dispositions at a time when they’re still reeling from news of a death close to home. We can be reached at (518) 235-1722 for a free consultation with one of our professional and compassionate staff members. We can also be reached at our office at 8 109th St Troy, NY 12182. 

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3 Tips for Providing Sympathy Food

It can be tough when you learn that a friend of yours has had a death in the family. They’ll have to deal with the loss and make arrangements for the funeral service at a funeral home in Cohoes, NY. In addition to offering condolences and letting your friend know that you’re there for them, you can go a step further by helping out with some comfort food.  

That said, there are some things you should keep in mind if you want to help out your grieving friend and their family with some good eats. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind.  

  1. TheyAre What You Eat 

One of the things to keep in mind is the need to prepare healthy food. Fried chicken wings drenched in honey garlic sauce and served with a side order of fries might be tasty, but such a meal won’t actually qualify as a healthy one. You don’t have to limit your choices to a large salad with homemade dressing – though you could incorporate this into the overall meal plan – but you should try to make something that’s healthy. Maybe you can go with a nice stew, a lasagna with rich tomato sauce and fresh veggies, or an Asian stir-fry. The sky’s the limit.  

  1. Keep it Simple

You’ll obviously have lots of options when it comes to deciding what to bring for your friend and their family, but you should be mindful about how you plan to get it there. You should try to prepare something that’s easy to get from your home to your friend’s home. You can go the extra mile by using containers that you don’t need to be returned to you. If you make something like a meatloaf, you will only have to transport a single container. This can make things easier. If you’re close to the friend you’re cooking for, you might make things a bit easier on yourself by preparing the meal at their home. That way, you can go from the stovetop to the plate.  

  1. Be MindfulAboutDietary Issues 

The last thing you want is to go out of your way to cook a great meal only to find that your friend or someone in their family can’t, for whatever reason, partake of the meal. You’ll therefore need to find out if there are any dietary issues or other health issues to keep in mind. Are there vegetarians in the group? Is anyone lactose intolerant? Are there certain foods that will turn some people off? Consider, for instance, that some people absolutely detest onions. So a meal that has a lot of onions might not get eaten, which would be a waste for you and for them.  

We’ll leave it up to you to figure out what comfort food to provide for your grieving friend and their loved ones. Following the tips above will give you food for thought about what to make.   

What we can provide is the best Cohoes, NY funeral home to hold a funeral service. At McLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home, we have a track record of helping grieving families to gain the closure they need by planning a memorable final send-off. We can be reached at (518) 235-1722 for a free consultation, and we’re located at 8 109th St Troy, NY 12182. 

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How to Break the News When a Loved One Has Died

You’re at home late one night watching the evening news when the phone rings. You try to ignore it, but it’s hard to hear the newscast with the phone ringing, so you answer it. And then your world changes forever. It changes because you receive news that a relative has just passed away…and then you realize that it’s your duty to call family and friends to let them know. Ahead of a Troy, NY cremation or funeral service, you’ll need to share the bad news.  

Consider these recommendations if you ever find yourself with the unenviable task of being the bearer of bad news.  

Don’t Beat Around the Bush 

Have you ever had such a responsibility before? If so, you understand that delivering heart-breaking news can be tasking and is not a duty that anyone would envy. But if you have to share bad news, it’s best to be as direct as possible. You don’t want to ramble on and on about unrelated things before finally concluding with the bad news. While you don’t want to be insensitive, you also don’t want to beat around the bush before finally delivering a blow.  

Look Them in the Eye 

If you’re in close proximity of family members, it’s best to inform them of the death in person. That’s always the best way. It’s also easier to read a situation better if you’re looking the other person in the eyes. Of course, there are times when your family might be situated far away. In such cases, your best bet might be to pick up the phone and communicate the news that way. Before doing so, however, make sure they’re at home. You don’t want to inadvertently call when their driving and deliver the news at such a time. If you call and they’re out and about, let them know that it’s critical that they call you back once they get home.  

Let Each One Reach One 

Having to tell everyone might be too much to ask of any one person. So after you’ve spoken to someone, ask that person to, in turn, tell someone else. Perhaps you can make a list of family and friends who need to be informed straight away. Then make sure that the people you talk to know who they’re supposed to inform. This should ensure that the news is spread quickly.  

Tell Them Right Away 

One thing you definitely shouldn’t do is delay spreading the news to the people who need to know. You’ll actually feel better if you don’t needlessly delay the inevitable. Once you start to share the news, you will relieve yourself of the burden of the stressful responsibility.  

After a loved one dies, you’ll be left to pick up the pieces even as you mourn the loss. In addition to letting family and friends know about the situation, you’ll also need to plan a funeral service or cremation in Troy, NYMcLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home, located at 8 109th St Troy, NY 12182, can help you plan the body disposition for your deceased loved one. Call us at (518) 235-1722 for a free consultation so that we can help you with the big and small decisions. 

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How to Talk to Little Ones About Death

When there’s a death in the family, it can hit everyone hard. But you can be certain that children, particularly those who are not old enough to process everything, will ultimately be hit the hardest. The reason is that they might struggle with a sense of abandonment and a lack of closure. So you can bet that they will need special attention not only before the funeral service at a West Sand Lake, NY funeral home, but also weeks, months and even years after.  

What follows are some tips to help you speak to your kids about death and dying.  

Ensure They Understand 

It’s important that you communicate in a way that makes sense to your children. It goes without saying that it will be easier to explain death to older children than to younger children. So you’ll need to consider their ages, maturity levels and other factors to determine how best to let them know that a loved one has died. It will help if you ask questions along the way to determine if they fully grasped what you have told them. Also encourage them to ask questions as needed. One way you can avoid confusing them is to stay away from common expressions that are used to describe someone’s death. In other words, avoid saying things like, “Auntie Nicole has gone to be with the Lord.” Older kids might understand, but younger ones might be confused.  

Show Them it’s Okay to Mourn 

Sometimes adults hold back when it comes to showing emotion during difficult times. But that’s the wrong course of action to take when it comes to helping your children to deal with serious issues. When they see you being emotional, they will figure out that it’s okay to be sad. You can, by being honest with your emotions, model the grieving process so your little ones understand that it’s a normal and healthy response whenever someone loses a loved one.  

Ensure They’re Ready for the Funeral Service 

Unless your children have been to a funeral home before, they will be in for a surprise on the day of the service. What you’ll want to do is explain to your children what they can expect. Let them know that it might be a long service, that they will be expected to be relatively quiet and that their deceased loved one might be displayed in an open casket. It’s best to let them know all of these particulars so that they’re not surprised.   

You can bet that your children will require special attention when there’s a death in the family. But if you’re effective in explaining the situation, they’ll better understand what’s going on.   

When your family needs help planning a funeral service at a funeral home in West Sand Lake, NY, look no further than McLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home. Located at 8 109th St Troy, NY 12182, we specialize in assisting families that are dealing with the grief that comes after a loved one has died. Our professional staff members are experienced at providing compassionate service, and we’ll work with you to plan the best possible final send-off for your deceased loved one. Call us at (518) 235-1722 to discuss your needs. We’re here for you when you need us.