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Cohoes, NY cremation

3 Reasons Why it Makes Sense to Preplan Your Cremation

You wouldn’t be in any way unique if you would rather do just about anything rather than sit down and preplan your eventual Cohoes, NY cremation. It makes sense to preplan, but no one fancies thinking about death and dying – especially if it concerns them personally. Even so, consider these 3 reasons why it makes sense to preplan your cremation service.  

  1. Take the Load Off of Family

What happens if you die without having preplanned your body disposition? The answer is that the responsibility will fall on your grieving family. While this scenario plays out regularly as far as families dealing with death in their midst, the reality is that it doesn’t have to play out like this. Families who are coming to terms with the demise of a loved one will be dealing with raw grief and a whole lot of other emotions. It will be hard for them to accept what has happened, so it would be best to spare them the responsibility of planning and paying for your cremation. When you take it upon yourself to preplan and prepay, you will ensure that your family can focus on grieving their loss. It will mean that they won’t have to shoulder this responsibility when they’re at their lowest point. So what you’ll want to do is ensure that you take care of the arrangements.  

  1. Do it the Way You Want

One of the advantages of preplanning your own cremation is that you will get to do it the way that you want to. Yes, you’ll want the event to be meaningful for the loved ones you leave behind, but you’ll also want to ensure that you get the right final send-off. Is there someone in particular who you’d like to do the eulogy at the memorial? Do you want to be cremated in a specific suit? Do you have a favorite meal that you’d love to have served at the reception? When you take responsibility for preplanning, you can ensure that things go as you want them to.  

  1. Contain Expenses

It can be hard to plan a funeral or cremation when you’re overcome with emotion. This can lead to emotional spending. You can ensure that this doesn’t happen to your family if you preplan and prepay for your final services. By choosing cremation over traditional earth burial, you’ll already be on your way towards substantial savings. But you can also control costs by making level-headed decisions on other things like the urn and what you want to become of your ashes.  

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Sympathy Flower Alternatives During or After Funeral Services

When attending a funeral service held to give someone their final send-off, it is customary for attendees to bring a sympathy gift for the grieving family. This gift has traditionally been a bouquet of sympathy flowers, and it’s a time-honored tradition that is still quite popular. But this doesn’t mean you can’t opt for an alternative before or after the service at a Melrose, NY funeral home. Fortunately, there are quite a few options. Here are some suggestions.  

Gift Basket 

Yes, a gift basket is the perfect alternative if you don’t want to bring sympathy flowers. One of the reasons a gift basket makes such a great sympathy gift is that it is a versatile option. In fact, you can put just about anything in a gift basket whether you order one from a vendor or create one on your own. You can, for instance, offer a gift basket containing baked goods, toiletries, fruits, nuts or many other different things. If you know the grieving family, you might be able to further customize the gift basket so that it has a personal touch that they will appreciate. So if the lady of the home loves to cook pasta, you could include premium spices or pasta sauces. If the grieving family has children, you can include treats that little ones will appreciate.  

Monetary Gift 

Planning a funeral takes hard work, and paying for it requires a tangible financial commitment. Would your financial position allow you to help out? If so, you provide the grieving family with a sympathy card containing. Another way you can help is to let the family know that you’re willing to cover a certain aspect of the final services. For instance, you might want to foot the cost of the reception or the flowers to decorate the area where the funeral service will be held. You can bet that the family will appreciate your kindness in offering to help with costs.  

Give to Charity 

Sometimes grieving families actually ask that people donate to a specific cause in lieu of giving them sympathy flowers. So if the deceased had a favorite cause that the grieving family encourages attendees to donate to, you can honor their request by making a donation. If the family does not specifically ask, you can take the initiative and make a donation on their behalf.  

Again, sympathy flowers make great gifts for grieving families. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t opt for something else. Whether going with a gift basket, monetary gift or charitable contribution, you can honor the deceased and the grieving family by choosing sympathy gift alternatives. Do you need help from a funeral home in Melrose, NY? At McLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home, located at 8 109th St Troy, NY 12182, we have expertise helping families that are grieving a loss. We’re the oldest family-owned funeral home in Troy with a combined 150 years of funeral service to the community. You can count on us to help in your time of need. Call us at (518) 235-1722 to learn more.

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 Things You Can Do to Move on After Cremation

You can never really be prepared for the death of a loved one. Whether the death comes after a serious illness or comes seemingly out of the blue, there’s something about the finality of the event that triggers a wave of emotions such as grief, sadness and perhaps even anger. But after you and your family have come together for a Cropseyville, NY cremation, how do you move forward? If you find yourself struggling to cope after a death close to home, here are some tips that may prove to be helpful.  

Change of Scenery 

A change of scenery can do you a whole lot of good especially if you’re the sort of person who, while grieving, needs some space to process your thoughts. It can be hard to get this alone time if you’re at home where people, albeit well-meaning people who mean well, leave you with little alone time. If you go away for a while, you can have some time alone. And don’t think that you need to leave the state or the country either. You can get away even if it’s not far away. The goal, really, is to go to a place where you can have the away time you need to grieve and heal.  


Another way to move on after a death in the family is to focus on helping others who have pressing needs. Is there a nursing home, hospital, soup kitchen or food bank nearby where you can lend a helping hand? By helping others you’ll not only be able to avoid feeling sorry for yourself, but also be able to improve your mood since it feels good to help those in need. You’ll be able to concentrate your efforts on someone or something else in what will be a win-win situation. So when you’re having a hard time coping with grief, try volunteering your time.  

Spend Time with Friends 

No person is an island, as the saying goes. So while you may want some alone time, you can’t completely shut yourself off from family, friends and the outside world. If you’re fortunate, you have at least one or two really good friends who are confidential. Having these sorts of confidants will help you to deal with the roller coaster of emotions that is sure to come after a death in the family. Whether you invite your friends over for coffee, head out with them to a restaurant or simply talk about life on the phone, your friends can play a pivotal role in your healing.  

Should you need assistance finding grief resources after a cremation in Cropseyville, NY, we’ll be able to help at McLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home. Located at 8 109th St Troy, NY 12182, we’re the oldest family-owned funeral home in Troy with a combined 150 years of funeral service to the community. We focus on helping grieving families to get the support and guidance they need to plan final services for their deceased loved ones. Call us at (518) 235-1722 to learn how we can help you.

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3 Interesting Options for Cremains

When there’s a death in the family, you’ll need to plan final services for someone you love. Traditional earth burial used to be the primary body disposition option, but times have changed to the point where cremation is every bit as popular…and in some cases even more so. If you contact a Clifton Park, NY funeral home to organize a cremation for your deceased relative, what do you do with the ashes after all is said and done? Here are 3 recommendations.  

  1. Paint a Picture

In what might seem like an off-the-wall recommendation, it is possible to mix cremains with paint before using the combination to create a portrait. If you can find an artistically inclined person to take on the project, all the better. Whether you opt to get a portrait of the deceased, a picture of some awesome scenery or anything else, you can honor the memory of the deceased. Along the same lines as creating a portrait, it’s also possible to combine cremation ashes with ink for the purpose of getting a commemorative tattoo. Of course, you’ll want to find a professional tattoo artist to do this. If you’re open to getting a tattoo and want to do something a little bit different, then you can go this route to keep your deceased loved one’s memory alive.  

  1. Plant a Tree

It’s an unfortunate reality that the circle of life includes death. But there’s a way that you can ensure that your relative can in a sense contribute to the circle of life even while deceased. You can do this by turning the cremains into a tree. For instance, there are tree urns in which tree seedlings are planted. Once these are transplanted to the earth, you will be able to watch as the seedling grows to become a mighty tree that can last generations. Such a lasting memorial will ensure that the memory of a loved one is never forgotten.  

  1. Stuffed Animal

If you like stuffed animals, then you can opt for a teddy bear or some other stuffed animal that has small internal compartments where you can place some of the cremains. This might be the perfect keepsake for a child who, while perhaps too young to understand death and cremation, will nonetheless be comforted with a stuffed toy connected to a deceased loved one. But children aren’t the only ones who can benefit from such a memento since there could be therapeutic and sentimental value to hugging a stuffed animal.  

When there’s a loss in your family, you will need a funeral home in Clifton Park, NY to help plan the final services whether that means a funeral service or a cremation service. At McLoughlin & Mason Funeral Home, we specialize in helping grieving families. Our staff members are professional and compassionate, and they will ensure not only that your wishes are respected, but also that your deceased loved one is honored. We are the oldest family-owned funeral home in Troy with a combined 150 years of funeral service to the community. To get in touch, call us at (518) 235-1722 or visit us at 8 109th St Troy, NY 12182.